WISKOTS capabilities

  • Unique pipeline services robot developed in-house by WISKOTS
  • Saudi Aramco approval for full range of services including:
    Visual and laser internal inspection
    – Internal Pipe Blasting / Cleaning
    – Internal Cutback/weld root roughness profile
    – Pipe Internal root weld grinding
    – Girth welds epoxy internal coating
  • Local teams and equipment availability
  • Development of various custom robotic solutions


  • 6” and above: smallest diameter /size available in the market
  • Long travel range: travels distances up to 2km
  • High-resolution visual inspection: unparallel quality
  • Grinder: fixing failed joints without cutting the pipe
  • Grit Blasting: removes high levels of surface oxide, excess root penetration to +60 micron Ra
  • Rework: removes existing / old coating
  • Laser: surface and weld profile with full internap topography
  • Roughness: surface measurement
  • Electrostatic FBE coating: superior coating coverage
  • Wireless holiday: no need to ground pipe