WISKOTS capabilities

  • Locally qualified crew (ASNT- ISO9712) available in the Kingdom for services
  • Custom procedure with a suitable technique available within 72 hours
  • More than 10 Automated ultrasonic inspection tools available for immediate mobilization
  • Collaboration with one of the leading ultrasonic probe manufacturers (EKOSCAN, Hujiskes)
  • Capable to execute EDM notching for Needed calibration/Validation blocks at the client site


  • Advanced Ultrasonic testing and Inspection Services

– On-line/In-Service High Temperature,

– On-line/In-Service material Fatigue,

– On-line/In-Service Nozzles and complex geometries,

– On-line/In-Service Tank and Piping network Corrosion mapping and assessment,

– On-line/In-Service Subsea corrosion mapping

– On-line/In-Service Weld inspection

– Rail welds and bars,

– New Construction and On-line/In-Service Pipe and fittings (Flanges, elbows, Tees, Reducers, etc.) recordable inspection

– Exotic alloys inspection (Austenitic steel, Titanium, Aluminum)

  • Prove / Wedge Manufacturing using EDM notching
  • AUT Simulation and Studies using CIVA software


Ekoscan – Manufacturer of bespoke ultrasonic inspection probes and UT Boards for specialty as well as commodity applications.

NDT.nu Huijskes – Manufacturer of high integrity NDT supplies leaning towards electronics applications for both standard and custom solutions.